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It's all in a day's work

Been productive today, yeah, I have :)

After a period of frustration of not being able to really do anything, I seem to have refound my mojo for making jewelry, which has resulted in:

Ta-da!Collapse )

I’m sitting here with the October 2007 issue of SciFi Magazine, and I have sooooooo much work that needs to get done here at home before I can allow myself to read it, but… but… but…

Just flipping through it quickly, I found a TOTALLY(!!!!) hot Katee Sackhoff on the cover, gorgeous pics of her, Jamie Bamber and Mary McDonnell at the Battlestar Galactica Celebration Screening and Fourth Season Sneak Preview. There’s TONS of stuff about Bionic Woman, which partly includes several full page ad pics for it with the loverly Michelle Ryan (Good gods, that one green and one blue eye… *dies*), there’s a focus on Sackhoff, because she’s part of two of the shows airing in the States this fall, sneak peaks from BSG season four, and… and… and…


Since it’s the issue about the fall shows on SciFi, that also means New Amsterdam. So imagine my squeeing when I got to spread about that show. A FULL SPREAD ON NEW AMSTERDAM AND NICOLAJ COSTER WALDAU!!! There’s even a gorgeous picture of him there… several in fact, but one is FULL PAGE!!

And Heroes and Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural…

Man, for somebody who hardly watches TV, I sure do watch a lot of shows. The Magical Elf Delivery Service will be busy this fall *nods* mm, hmm.

DH the movie

Damian Lewis as Bill Weasley, Mick Jagger as Mundungus Fletcher, and Michael Gambon as Aberforth Dumbledore in the future production of the film version of DH?

Hell yeah!

All I can say, is that I really agree with the results MTV got from their recent poll.

Now all we need is for Gareth Lewis to be cast as Charlie Weasley, and all will be well with the world *G*
Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix


What a disappointment.


I know it's rather sheepish, but... I just really liked the answer ;)

Edit: WTF? The original answer I got was an Ocelot, it even says so in the email I got about it. The Dæmon's name is still the same, the animal just isn't... *is confoozled*

Edit 2 - April 26, 12.38 pm: Ooh, a ladybug *G*

Shamelessly nicked from ragdoll


Meget få ting er så fundamentale at de ikke kan ændres på. En af de ting er hindbærsodavand. Hindbærsodavand er og bliver en rød, brusende drik der består af vand, sukker og rød farve. Ikke et eneste hindbær har nogensinde været i nærheden af dem, og deri ligger al charmen. Oven i det, kan tillægges den egenskab at hindbærsodavand kommer i 0.25 liters glasflasker. Sådan er det bare, og sådan har det altid været.

Forestil jer så min overraskelse, da jeg i supermarkedet i dag får øje på hindbærsodavand... light... i 2 liters flasker... plastic.

Det var så en fundamental ting mindre at skulle huske på.
Brilliant, Kat, way to go!


Couldn't have done better if you tried.


ragdoll is a wonderful woman. A silly bird too, yes, but still a wonderful woman.

That I knew even before she surprised me, with 6 months worth of extra user-pics, freein up all my HP-icons, so that I can use them again.

Thank you so much, sweetie!

I love you!!